Toktobekov Musulin

Toktobekov Musulin, 76 years old, agronomist, Jeti- Oguz river, Ak- Kochkor village. 

Date: 22. 02. 2010 Time: 12: 37- 13:17 

Why did the Kyrgyz people construct sanjira and who constructed it? 

Because we lacked a written language in the past and so that we would not forget our roots, the tradition to retell the sanjira to the next generation preserved our stories.

The major part of the population in Issyk Kol originated from Dolon bei. From Doloi came Akkul and Kabuul. The Adigine clan spread to Osh. We came from Tagai. His descendants were Bugu and Sarybagysh who were brothers. Bugu in reality was called Orozbakty and his children were Myrza: Aryk myrza, Tokoch myrza and Kara myrza. Aryk myrza’s offspring now live in Ak- Suu, Tupe near Kokuro, in Turgen village.

The descendants of Myrzakul myrza were Tynymseiet, Alseiet. The clan of Alseiet settled in Tupe, and the clan of Tynymseiet settled in Naryn region.  The offspring from Alseiet were Jamangul and Bapa. Jamangul had Kydyk and Belek.

I come from Tynymseiet. Tynymseiet had Kabeli, Shaltak and Kanmortuk. When Karmortuk was born he had blobs of blood in his fists. That is why they gave him that name. His offspring were very strong: Bulashov Arstanbek, Aktan Tynybekov, manaschi Tynybek. Kabeli had five sons. Their descendants live in Tupe, Korumdu, Mayak and Chon- Tash.

Shaltak had Baktygul and Kabak. Kabak is village down there. We came from the offspring of Baktygul. He had three baibiche: Chabaldai, Mendibek and Kyzyltaz. We came from Chabaldai. Chabaldai and Baktygul had seven children: Turpa, Ous, Satybaldy, Bytyi, Toroi and two daughters. Turpan son’s descendants live here in 60-70 houses. We are called by the name of our grandmother, Chabaldai.

People coming from Meldibek also settled here in the Jeti – Oguz valley.  The majority of people who are descendents of Chabaldai live in Naryn. Besides this many clans live in Ak- Kochkor, such as the konurat and syrdybai. They have Kalmyk roots. A long time ago one man named Birnazar adopted a nine-year old Kalmyk boy Burbujal. From the latter came Syrdybai and Turdubai. Sardybai’s descendants live here. When we joke we call them Kalmyks.

The elderly people passed the sanjira orally. In the olden days two wise men lived: Sart ake and Sadyr ake. People like them told the sanjira. A common man cannot tell sanjira the way they could. One man cannot compose a sanjira, it is a history of the people.

A long time ago, here in this place lived a man named Birnazar. He had six children with a ‘fur coat” and six children without a “fur coat”. Those children with a “fur coat” were his natural children, those children without were adopted.  Why a “fur coat’? During the birthing process a child comes out with the placenta, which serves as a “fur coat” for the baby. That is why those who had a “fur coat” were called natural. Now people get confused and say the opposite. But it is not correct. So in that way Birnazar had twelve sons. The eldest son among the adopted was Burbujal. From him came Syrdybai and Turdubai.

The second adopted son was Jylkyadai, and from him came the eloquent Tilekmat ake.