Toktonazarov Amantur, 84 years old, a driver, Ak- Kochkor village

Date: 22.02.2010 Time: 10:42- 11:03 

Sanjira. Long ago Birnazar lived in this place. Birnazar is a son of Aldash, Aldash is a son of Belek, Belek is a son of Jamangul, Jamangul is a son of Alseiet, Alseiet is a son of Myrzakul. We had five lords. We came from the son of one of them – Myrzakul. Now we divide into Smaller Beleks and Greater Beleks. They are from the Aryk clan. Aryk ake was the eldest among the five lords.

Sanjira was constructed by the aksakals in the past. They were kuima kulak. By listening attentively they transferred what they heard to the next generation. If the ancestors’ traditions cease, the nation might become extinct. The history of the Kyrgyz people that was not recorded in writing is called sanjira.