On March 31, 2012, Aigine CRC presented the first video version of the “Manas” epic at the “Seytek” National Center for Children and Youth. This video version lasts 25 hours and includes 50 key episodes of the first part of the “Manas” trilogy. 12 modern manaschys told the episodes in different parts of the country that relate to the epic events. The video version was created by the initiative of Aigine CRC, in collaboration with the TV channel ElTR, and with financial support from the Christensen Fund.

The presentation consisted of three parts: an introduction to the world of epics, official speeches and a concert. The dance ensemble “Shattyk”, the folklore-ethnographic ensemble “Kambarkan”, as well as Nurak Abdrakhmanov and Gulsat Ryskulova presented diverse acts, reflecting on breaking the epic into various genres. The presentation was attended by university students, secondary students and students from special-secondary schools, which are the main beneficiaries from the project; and also representatives from the state, as well as from non-governmental sectors.

The first DVD copies were handed over to the storytellers themselves. Published copies of the disks were also distributed free of charge among the educational institutions, who had expressed interest in obtaining them. The overcrowded hall testified the growing public interest in spiritual and cultural values, as well as the need to continue work in this direction.