I hope that this manual will be of interest to all readers who are interested in inter-ethnic friendship and harmony in our society. The manual sees peace and conflict as a product of our everyday life and does not consider peace and conflict as separate opposing units. Instead, peace and conflict are seen to be closely interrelated and intertwined and are analysed from the standpoint of traditional Kyrgyz holistic worldview. The author argues that elements leading to peace are stitched together by “ozok ot” (lit. core fire), while the elements that lead to conflict can be altered by “kederin tuzoo” (lit. fixing/straightening trajectory) method.  Both of those methods are based on Kyrgyz customs and traditions as well as traditional principles of self-organization and self-help groups. Proverbs and sayings, traditions of friendship and co-existence, and co-working traditions are the roots, branches and fruits of “cradle of well-being” (usually represented by a formula: wisdom of the knowledgeable, justice of the judges, generosity of the rich and the good intentions of the poor), which holds together traditional Kyrgyz society.  This manual can be useful to those who strive to prevent, mitigate or solve conflicts and requires that traditional mechanisms presented here be adapted and adjusted according to local needs, conditions and context.

Author: Sadur Uluu Jumagazy