Learning How to Play Komuz: Nurak Abdrakhmanov’s Authorial Method, 2010

This book is a tool for teaching how to play komuz which is considered as one of the most prominent parts of Kyrgyz folk music. In this book one can find the method of notating and teaching how to play komuz called “En Belghi” developed by a great komuz player Nurak Abdrakhmanov.   Using this method one can learn 27 traditional melodies from the book. With the aim of helping learners to use this method, melodies played by Nurak Abdrakhanov and his apprentices are available on DVD.  This is a result of “Preservation of folk music project” conducted by Aigine CRC with the financial aid of the Christensen Fund.


Part 1: Setting off to the realm of komuz

  • Difficulties in learning how to play komuz
  • Getting started

Part 2: En Belghi is a new and precise way of learning how to play komuz

  • Explaination of arbitrary signs
  • Interconnection of En Belghi signs and traditional notes

Part 3learning melodies

Part 4about the author

  • Nurak Abdrakhmanov’s life and career
  • Pictures

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