Sacred Sites of Issyk-Kol: Spiritual Power, Pilgrimage and Art, 2009

The book is based on field research conducted from 2006 to 2008 in Issyk-Kul oblast.  The book consists of two parts.

The first part of the book, grounded in local knowledge, contains information about sacred sites: the earth, water, animals, rituals and healing practices which occur there.  One of the first tasks that Aigine set in publishing such a book is the protection and transmission of indigenous knowledge. In this way Aigine is playing a crucial role in protecting and developing, in written form, that part of the Kyrgyz culture that, even in the 21st century, continues to predominate in oral form.  The authors of the articles are people of different ages, nationalities, levels of education and social statuses.  The unifying principle across this diverse field of authors is their own personal spiritual knowledge and experience.

The second part of the book contains academic publications grounded in field research among sacred sites, ritual practice and spiritual heritage.  The articles that were written by Aigine researchers demonstrate particular analytical reflection on various projects supported by the Christensen Fund.  In this respect Aigine functions precisely as a research centre and fulfils its obligations to study the natural and cultural diversity of Kyrgyzstan.