Within the framework of this project, communication and creative platform was created for representatives of creative youth (young musicians playing a traditional musical instrument – komuz) and youth with disabilities (visually impaired and blind). This platform allowed young people to strengthen horizontal ties, which will help them identify and seek solutions to various problems in creative interaction. Project participants learned to play komuz together using traditional and innovative teaching methods.

Within the framework of the project, 3 multi-day seminars took place, during which, in addition to learning how to play komuz, they underwent trainings to reveal, develop and apply their creative potential, which included various aspects of traditional knowledge, including the use of traditional methods of self-organization to solve youth problems in modern conditions, the use of traditional methods of preventing and resolving conflicts. In the periods between the seminars, the project participants from among creative youth held meetings with representatives of youth with disabilities in small groups (3 people), where the former helped the latter to improve the skills acquired during the previous seminar. At the end of the project, the participants gave a concert where they got the opportunity to demonstrate the skills and knowledge acquired during the project.

Project goal: strengthening the potential of youth in solving their problems through strengthening horizontal ties between representatives of creative youth and youth with disabilities.

Project objectives

  • Creation of communication and creative platform for representatives of creative youth and youth with disabilities through a series of multi-day seminars on learning to play on komuz, as well as meetings in small groups between seminars, during which they will be able to interact and exchange ideas, knowledge and skills.
  • Strengthening the creative potential of participants through additional training during seminars, as well as the organization of a reporting concert of participants upon completion of the project.