Projects for preserving and promoting traditional music supported by The Christensen Fund from 2009-2012 became the foundation for Aigine CRC’s new initiatives. In September 2013, Aigine CRC launched the project “Solving Youth Problems through Creative Interaction” with the support of Soros -Kyrgyzstan.  The foundation of this project is the author’s (outstanding musician Nurak Abdyrakhmanov’s) En Belgi komuz learning method.  With the support of The Christensen Fund, from 2010-2012 the En Belgi method was successfully tested with the participation of more than 40 rural school teachers.  In a new project, Nurak Abdyrakhmanov, with his assistants, teaches the En Belgi system to blind and visually-impaired young people.  Workshops and sessions in this project aim at teaching the komuz, as well as at the personal and spiritual growth of the participants through entrance into the world of traditional music and values.  ”Manas” epic narrators, healers, and sacred sites guardians have been involved as guest lecturers of the project, in addition to very accomplished blind musicians.  Project participants are guided by Nurak Abdyrakhmanov’s ancestral rule: Kokurok sokur bolso, koz – dubaldyn teshigi (If the soul is blind, the eyes are just a hole in the wall (in the body)).  In other words, an important part of the project has been the usage of traditional wisdom to overcome the difficulties and problems faced by physically challenged people.
Invitation to participate in the project “Solving youth problems through creative interaction”