Glossary: T


Tabyp- a traditional healer.

Tabypchylyk- Healing practice. Profession of tabyp.

Tai’gan- one breed of dogs in Kyrgyzstan that are often used for hunting.

Takyya- an ancient traditional headwear.

Tamyrchy- a person who can predict and heal by sensing one’s pulse.

Tengir- name of a God of Turkic-speaking and Mongolian people. Literally means sky.

Tergöö- gerund from the verb Terge. A word taboo. Under the old customs, not calling relatives of the husband (sometimes, the husband too) by their names, and using other words to call them (Kyrgyz Language Explanatory Dictionary. – F.: Mektep. 1969. 591).

Toguz Korgool – the ancient, ageless monument of the Kyrgyz people; the depository of intellectual treasure; an entertaining board game describing the nomadic life, the secret meaning of military relations and the loss of wealth. The game of Toguz Korgool is described as one of the main games in the epic “Manas” as follows:

Having pared down a flat block,

Having carved out the holes –

Nine on the one side,

And nine on the other side,

Having put up the “yurts”,

Having thought it through,

Having filled it with the stones –

The birth of Toguz Korgool,

Naming it Ordo Toguz Korgool

Young Manas invented the game.

(Manas Encyclopedia. Vol. II, 282)

Toltoi’- a hero of “Manas” epic, Semetei’s rival.

Tölgö tash- Fortune-telling stone

Tumar- is a triangle-shaped amulet worn as a necklace.

Tushoo kesüü- ceremony of initiating a child at the of one. It is done thorough cutting the binding in the feet of a child.

Tuyak- [Hoof] is a circumlocution for son.

Tükürükchü- healers who use a fine spray ofsaliva to heal.

Tülöö- is a sacrifice of a livestock animal dedicated to God, spirits, or the protective spirits of land and water. Also, whenever someone is saved from an accident, or recovers from a serious illness, or after a bad dream, Kyrgyz sacrifice animals and invite co-villagers to eat the meat of the sacrificed animal, and get the people’s blessings. “Tuloo” emerged from the words “tiloo” [desire], “tilek kyluu” [wishing]. Kyrgyz pray for blessings, good fortune and help from God as the source of all good wishes, as well as from the spirits of the forefathers. An ancient ritual that continues in the present (K.Karasaev. Wise dicta. – B., 1995. 435).

Tülöökana- a room, building or place where tuloo [sacrifice] is made.

Tündük- round wooden window on the roof of the yurt into which the side poles are inserted.

Typyratma- the disease which is found in livestock.