Glossary: A


Abyke – one of the six sons of Jakyp’s (father of Manas) concubine. Together with his younger brother Köbösh, he fought Manas (Manas Encyclopedia, Vol. I, 32).

Adal– pure.
Ai’chürökManaschy say that Ai’chürök comes from the peri or kai’yp(Manas Encyclopedia, Vol. I, 49). Wife of Semetei’,mother of Sei’tek, and daughter-in-law of Manas. Also see peri and kai’yp.
Ai’köl“magnanimous,” one of the epithets of Manas.
Ai’tymchya person who has an ability to foretell future events.
Ai’tymchylyk- ability to foretell future events. Profession of ai’tymchy.
Ajybek Datka- a duke who contributed to the extension of the Kokand Khanate’s power in the mid-17 century, collecting taxes from people in Talas and performing other services for the Kokand Khanate.
Akkula-also, Кakkula, White Horse – in all variants of the epic, it is the primary horse intended for and used by Manas. (Manas Encyclopedia. Vol. II, 57).
Ak Shumkar- a hunting bird, which was left by Manas to Semetei’ as an inheritance.
Ak Tai’lak- white one-year-old camel (Higher Literature. 567).
Aksakal- respected elderly person, literally ‘grey beard’. Kyrgyz people usually use this term when referring to the elderly man.
Albarstyevil creature.
Almambet- one of the heroes of Manas epic, who came from China and joined the Kyrgyz. He was one of the best friends.
Alty bakan- six poles, a type of swing like a wheel. On a site free of trees and bushes, heads of three poles are tied together and fixed in two places and swings are hung between them (Kyrgyz ethnographic dictionary. Compilers O. Karataev, S. Eraliev. – B.: Bii’ıktik, 2005, 41).
Aram-evil; impure.
Asa tayak- Asa stick.Asa is a hard tree with patterned bark, and by extension the hard stick made of that tree (Kyrgyz Language Explanatory Dictionary. Vol. I, 92). Asa tayak is used by dubanabübüand bakshy as a ritual tool.
Ash- funeral repast conducted when a year passes since the death of a person.
Ashara gathering of relatives, neighbors and friends for one day to get their help in construction of a house or other project.
At mai’dany- an area for horse races, known as at chabyshAt chabysh is horse race (Kyrgyz Language Explanatory Dictionary. – F.: Mektep. 1969, 66).
Ayan- supernatural dream or sign orienting a man to do specific actions.
Aziz- sacred snake.
Azytkysmall creature such as a bird.