Digital map of Murdash Bashy historical and cultural complex

After the research trip was completed, the project team started to create a digital map of Murdash Bashy historical and cultural complex. An archeological note was written by project specialists Oroz Soltobaev, Temirbekov Toktogaziev and Zhumagazy Sadyr uulu for the map of Murdash petroglyphs, which includes archeological descriptions of the complex and stones. To develop traditional interpretations of the petroglyphs, 2 workshops were held in Bishkek with the participation of traditional practitioners and archaeologists on February 8 and March 20, 2024.

At the moment, the project is at the stage of finalizing the inscription of stones on the digital map of the Murdash Bashy historical and cultural complex. The map includes 100 stones with drawings of various subjects: ungulates, signs, predators, primates, as well as drawings with complex scenes. During the workshops, traditional practitioners came up with the idea of forming a plot related to the drawings on Murdash’s stones, in which the meaning of one drawing would flow into the meaning of another. Thus, in the process of group work, the basis for the story was created, which will be embodied in the form of a motion video and will become part of the project results, along with a digital map of Murdash cultural and historical complex.