Research trip

On October 6, 2023 Aigine CRC team made a field trip to the sacred site of Archa Mazar, which is located in Ton district and is included in the list of sacred sites of Kyrgyzstan compiled by Aigine. The field trip was made at the request of the custodians of nature and pilgrimage culture, who approached Aigine CRC with concerns. The custodians are concerned about the physical destruction of natural sacred sites, particularly the Archa Mazar. A lone juniper used to grow here amidst the stone plat. Over a hundred years ago, the Tree literally sprouted through the stones and became a powerful, tall, beautiful creation of nature. It was this powerful beautiful creation of nature with a hundred years of history that was brutally attacked by humans. The power of the Archa was such that it was burned with gasoline for many hours, as evidenced by the thick layers of ash, the pillar damaged from the inside and the remains of the tree. As a result of the trip, opportunities to protect and preserve unique sites like Archa Mazar were explored.