Working meetings

In order to identify effective ways to restore the natural sacred site of Archa Mazar, Aigine CRC held a series of consultations with the caretakers of two nearby sacred sites, Kochkor Ata and Chech Dobdo, activists from the village to which the affected mazar belongs, and practitioners who make pilgrimages to the sacred sites. After analyzing the materials, joint actions of all stakeholders were agreed upon.

The main purpose of the meetings was to discuss the increasing cases of anthropogenic destruction of sacred places in different regions of our country over the past few years and to find possible ways to prevent, counteract and/or solve these threats. Cases of burning and cutting down trees at sacred sites, destruction of springs, as well as privatization/lease of land plots on the territory of sacred sites have become more frequent, which hinders pilgrimage practices and directly threatens the very existence of a sacred site.