Digital Journey to ICH of Kyrgyzstan

Aigine CRC is starting to implement the project “Digital Journey to ICH of Kyrgyzstan”. The project is supported by the Intangible Cultural Heritage Fund of UNESCO.
The overall objective is to establish an interactive multimedia digital platform (website) of ICH elements with comprehensive information on the 2003 Convention, ICH communities, active stakeholders, safeguarding activities and audio/visual materials.
The first thematic block of the platform will include:
a) pilgrimage practices and sacred sites in Kyrgyzstan inventoried during the previous project;
b) seven interactive video infographics on the 2003 Convention’s main concepts and basic texts;
c) modernized state National Inventory of ICH elements with monitoring mechanism of safeguarding activities and list of ICH communities.
The second thematic block will be on the ICH elements of 2 (two) ethnic groups living in Kyrgyzstan – Dungans and Uyghurs through community-based inventorying. Documentation of ICH elements of ethnic groups in Kyrgyzstan haven’t been undertaken before; therefore, it will be the first inventory of Dungan and Uyghur ICH.
The idea of the digital platform is consensually proposed by community leaders of pilgrimage practices as a safeguarding measure to address regulatory, educational and ideological risks of pilgrimage practices identified during the previous project. Therefore, the upload of the inventoried information into the platform is consented by the community members.