Presentation of the project results in the village of Ak-Bulun, Issyk-Kul region

At the suggestion of the partners from the Ministry of Culture, a presentation of the project results was also held in Ak-Bulun village of the Issyk-Kul region with the participation of local authorities and residents. An additional presentation in a village close to the complex was made in order to build the practical capacity of local residents and village authorities to protect cultural monuments.

On February 22, 2023, the Aigine CRC team visited Ak-Bulun village. The experts of the project summarized the process of certification of Ak-Bulun complex, demonstrated and handed over to the village community the project products – the information stand and the online map. The local community was interested in the project products and made a suggestion to the local authorities to fence the mounds and collect all the stone statues in one place near the information stand for their preservation.

The local authorities expressed their readiness to further inform and involve the residents in the protection of the Ak-Bulun local historical and cultural complex. The installation of the information stand has been postponed until the summer of 2023 due to the fact that the ground in February-March is not suitable for such works. The local authorities took responsibility for the installation of the stand.

The event was implemented during a field trip to present the results of the project at Issyk-Kul State University and did not entail any additional financial expenses.