Report on the first field trip

Aigine CRC formed a working group in order to implement the project “Study and Preservation of Traditional Knowledge Associated with Petroglyphs of Ak-Bulun Complex (Issyk-Kul province, Kyrgyzstan).”  The project is supported by PAWANKA, a Foundation for the Development of Knowledge and Approaches to Knowledge of Indigenous Peoples.

The working group of the project consists of: Oroz Soltobaev, an archaeologist, candidate of historical sciences and  teacher of the Kyrgyz National University, Chynarbek Zholdoshov, a representative of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Youth Policy, as well as the specialists on traditional knowledge Chinara Seidakhmatova, Zhumagazy Sadyr uulu and Cholponai Usubalieva-Gryshchuk. The project consultant is Gulnara Aitpaeva, Doctor of Philology.

The first preliminary study trip of the working group, took place on July 1-3, 2022. The purpose was to make a preliminary inspection and fixation of the petroglyphs. The study trip was conducted by archaeologist Oroz Soltonbaev, Ministry rep Chynarbek Zholdoshev, traditional practitioner Zhumagazy Sadyr uulu, and the project coordinator.

As part of the field trip, the experts identified (photo and gps coordinates) 64 images. Also, two balbals (tomb statues) and burial mounds were identified on the site. Based on the results of the trip, the experts created a preliminary archaeological note with the first conclusions about the nature of the site and descriptions of the identified petroglyphs.

Expert conclusion on the result of the trip: “These Petroglyphs of Ak-Bulun have scientific, spiritual and educational significance in the history of Kyrgyzstan as well as the development of tourism. This Ak-Bulun complex will be recommended for inclusion in the list of local monuments of the Kyrgyz Republic.”