Key project results

The project objectives are achieved through the following project deliverables:

  1. Creation of conditions for scientific monitoring of the biodiversity of Kulun-Ata Reserve through the strengthening of technical equipment and information potential of local specialists. Within the framework of the project, Aigine CRC purchased 4 photo traps and 4 walkie-talkies, handed them over to the rangers of the reserve to improve their work.
  2. Publication of an informational brochure. A team of project experts prepared for publication a brochure “Communities Conserving Nature: Global Challenges and Experience of Konduk village”. In September 2020, the brochure was published and contains the following topics: basic concepts of biodiversity and ecosystems, climate change, sustainable development and household waste issues, compost management. The brochure includes global trends and the experience of Kyrgyzstan.
  3. Teaching local residents and schoolchildren how to collect material about sacred animals, plants and sites of Kulun-Ata Reserve and Alai-Kuu valley. The main expert of the project Samakov Aibek and assistant Adylbekova Kunduz conducted trainings based on the published brochure. Members of the local research team were trained in the basics of data collection, the Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) protocol for informants, and preliminary data analysis.
  4. Identification of local methods of conservation of ecology and biodiversity through participatory and collaborative field research. The collection of material lasted for 3 months (from August to October 2020). After collection, the field material was transcribed and analyzed by the project team. The concept of the future book has been formed.
  5. Conducting a series of trainings for local residents. The main topics of the trainings: folk ecology, biodiversity, ecosystem, biodiversity convention, sustainable development, climate change, problems of household waste in Alai-Kuu and the negative impact of human activity on the environment. Trainings in Konduk village , as well Kara-Kulja village, were held from September 22 to October 3, 2020. The participants of the two-day trainings were high school students, while the one-day trainings were held for adults. The training participants gained knowledge about community conserved areas, the concept of biodiversity and the use of this concept in environmental protection, environmental pollution and the concept of circular economy, as well as organic agriculture in the Kyrgyz Republic.
  6. Publication of the book “People who love their land, the land that feeds people: methods environmental protection of the residents of Konduk village). The book is compiled from materials that were obtained during field research from members of local communities.
  7. Preparation of a documentary film “People who love their land, the land that feeds people: methods environmental protection of the residents of Konduk village”. In the process of implementing this and previous projects, Aigine CRC team filmed video materials on the sacred sites of tAlai-Kuu valley and the Konduk village. During the last trip from July 16 to 18, 2021, the material was supplemented. The film includes stories of local people about plants, animals and traditional methods of environmental protection.