Film Jaryktan Jaralgan Adam (A Person of Light) to celebrate the spiritual and cultural heritage

Kultaev Alymbek-Haji was the guardian of the Sulaiman-Too sacred site in Osh. Aigine CRC began working with Alymbek-Haji back in 2005, and starting from 2009, he became the member of the Advisory Board. Alymbek-Haji has been a good friend, close associate and invaluable advisor to Aigine CRC. Alymbek-Haji was a bearer of profound wisdom. Kyrgyz traditional notions and beliefs were harmonized with Islam religious concepts in his religious and spiritual philosophy. And in our currently polarized and split society Alymbek-Haji took a courage to share that system publically. In his honor, Aigine CRC prepared and produced a documentary movie entitled Jaryktan Jaralgan Adam, A Person of Light. The documentary’s main goal is to remember Alymbek-Haji and to introduce to general public his adherence to Islam and unique ability to syncretize it with traditional Kyrgyz belief system, customs and tradition. We would like to draw on Alymbek-Haji’s example and emphasize that there are local intellectuals, bearers of wisdom, harmony and light living among us.

Preparation of the documentary began in February 2016 and took place in Osh, at Sulaiman-Too sacred site, and in Bishkek. Doolot Sydykov, manaschy, became the film’s script writer, while Yrys Okenova became the film director. Alymbek-Haji’s family members, followers and friends participated in the video shooting. Some of the Aigine CRC’s archived video materials and some video footages of Aibek Alikulov, Alymbek-Haji’s apprentice, were used in the movie.

First public presentation of the documentary and Alymbek-Haji’s commemoration took place on June 12, 2016 at the Historical and Archeological Museum of Sulaiman-Too in Osh. Immediate family members, spiritual practitioners, sacred site guardians and Osh State University students of the Theology Department attended the event. Three more presentations took place in Bishkek. In July-September,2016 the documentary will be broadcasted on a number of state TV channels (First National TV and Radio Channel, Sanat TV and the Channel of Culture, History and Language).

Aigine CRC strongly believes that the life story of Alymbek Hadji is an excellent case of maintaining the traditions which are harmoniously embedded in modernity. Making and disseminating the film Jaryktan Jaralgan Adam, A Person of Light, we contribute in fostering a public understanding that the traditional knowledge and wisdom did not emerge at certain time to be fixed forever. Like other forms of human activities they should also be constantly discovered, developed and transmitted by dedicated people. It is a message of acknowledgement and respect for our Advisor as well as other current practitioners.