Nation-wide event aimed to safeguarding the Master’s Legacy to give voice to cultural and artistic heriatge as well as its stewards

Aigine CRC holds warm memory of its long-time partner, genius musician and bearer of traditional wisdom – Nurak Abdrakhmanov. In spring 2016, Aigine CRC conducted an online contest – Invigorating Legacy of Nurak, aimed at safeguarding and cognizing the musician’s rich music legacy. The conditions to participate did not have age, gender, enthicity, nationality, status as well as any other limitations. According to terms of the contest, each participant was to play one of Nurak Abdrakhmanov’s melodies on komuz and/or sing one of his songs, then video record it and download on any social network and share the the special link of Aigine CRC. As a result, 21 people submitted their video performance; five best individual performances and one group performance were selected as winners and awarded with books and epic trilogy’s video version published by Aigine CRC. It’s worth mentioning that the 1st place was awarded to Mirbek Karybaev – contestant from Beijing, China for heartfelt and outstanding performance of Ata-Murasy (Father’s Legacy) – one of the complicated melodies of the master. It’s quite symbolic that among all the others this particular performance and melody was selected by the jury.

During his lifetime, Nurak Abdrakhmanov made it his life mission to transmit komuz playing. Based on a long-time search rooted in the traditional domain, Master Nurak developed an En-Belgi music system. It is of utmost significance to learn that his legacy is alive and recognized by young generations as well as to contribute in this process.