Workshop with the international expert on ICH

The project team identified and invited Mr. Gaura Mancacaritadipura, international ICH expert from Indonesia. Aigine CRC has known and been working with Mr. Mancacaritadipura on various international platforms of UNESCO, and he is the expert, who worked out the national ICH inventory of Indonesia. Therefore, the project team was confident that Mr. Mancacaritadipura’s expertise and extensive experience will highly contribute to elaborating the national inventory of sacred sites and pilgrimage practices. In the fall of 2019, he arrived in Kyrgyzstan.

Upon completion of all the workshops, the project team put together the first draft of the inventory and the manual. Mr. Mancacaritadipura closely studied the prepared documents and provided his feedbacks and suggestions and produced a report on the project implementation and products at the end of his trip.

Apart from office meetings and paper discussions, the project team took Mr. Mancacaritadipura for a pilgrimage to Yssyk-Ata sacred site together with 2 practitioners, who performed sham-jaguu, a pilgrimage ritual. It was aimed to provide a hands-on experience, where the expert is directly involved in ICH practice, thus will receive deeper and meaningful understanding of the pilgrimage.

The project team organized a joint meeting of an international expert, coordinators of the working groups, members of the Steering Committee to discuss the project progress, inventory and the manual. The project team developed the second draft of the inventory and manual with consideration of Mr. Mancacaritadipura’s valuable feedback and recommendations. During the Stage III of the project, the team have started filling in these documents with collected data and preparing the final drafts for publication during Stage III of the project. The project team is in the process of systematizing and cross checking all the data for the inventory and the manual and continues working with the coordinators of the regional working groups and national ICH experts. The team has already initiated and conducted a meeting with representatives of the National Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic for UNESCO and ICH department under the Ministry of Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic to discuss the procedure and required documents on inscribing the inventory into the state inventory system.