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Communities Conserving Nature: Global Challenges and Experience of Konduk village
The team of experts of the Aigine CRC prepared for publication a brochure “Communities that preserve nature: global challenges and the experience of Kunduk village”.…
Konduk village, Alai Kuu: the beginning of field research
On September 21, 2020, Aigine CRC began field research in Konduk village as part of the project “Integration of traditional practices and scientific methods, strengthening…
Transfer of walkie-talkies and camera traps to Kulun-Ata nature reserve
Today, on July 29, Aigine CRC donated 4 walkie-talkies and 4 camera traps for use to Kulun-Ata nature reserve (Kara-Kulzha, Osh province).The transfer was made…
Eating food can be sacred. And growing food can be spiritual
Eating food can be sacred. And growing food can be spiritual. Growing things, tending to them, watering, weeding, ‘gardening’ has long been proven to be…

Sacred Geography of Kyrgyzstan

The Sacred Geography of Kyrgyzstan is a representation of both natural and cultural phenomena. This is a network of sacred sites – springs, caves, mountains, mausoleums, lakes, tombs and trees – that people visit as pilgrims. An essential part of any pilgrimage practice is performance of rituals and ceremonies, which turns territories covered by sacred sites into a ritualized land.

Our mission

Aigine Cultural Research Center (CRC) (which means “lucid”, “definite”) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in May 2004 at the initiative of Gulnara Aitpaeva, Doctor of Philology, with the participation of Aida Alymbaeva and Mukaram Toktogulova, Candidate of Philology.

Aigine CRC works in the field of traditional knowledge, education and social science. The center conducts spiritual, educational and scientific activities based on external grants and self-financing. These activities are directed at preserving, developing and integrating traditional wisdom with contemporary life. Aigine CRC aims to incorporate the positive potential of traditional wisdom in decision-making at all levels of public and political life.

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