Turukbaev Sultan, 77 years old, shepherd, Jeti- Oguz region, Chon Kyzyl- Suu village.

20.02.2010 Time: 13: 55- 14:20

There lived a lot of wonderful people in the Issyk Kol valley. The one worth talking about is Kydyr ake. He comes from aryk clan and twice was chosen as a bolush[1]. During the Ait[2] celebration saiyak[3] Sadyr ake from Kungei, came to visit Kydyr ake. In the past only these ait celebrations were the holidays.  During that celebration they conducted the horse racing and the first came a jigit on his black horse. Kydyr ake was quietly admiring and he asked, “Whose son was it?” Sydyr ake was surprised, “What is with you? It is your Togochu!” Kydyr ake then realized that he cast a bad eye on his son. He became quiet and greeted Sadyr ake happily, killed the cattle and when the meat was already cooked, someone came from outside and told Kydyr ake that Togochu already could not handle the race.  Kydyr ake stepped outside then returned and expressing nothing sat down. After some time, when the meat was served and people were enjoying themselves eating, from the outside came noisy and concerned voices. Kydyr ake stepped outside once again and returned back in a short while saying, “These women! Something small happens and they are ready to create the panic.” The food was eaten; the water poured onto the hands for wash and only then Kydyr ake took komuz and played the “Togochu” melody. Sadyr ake understood what had happened; he went outside, jumped on his horse and came down from it with a loud memorial cry, expressing his condolences to the household who lost their son. See what kind of people lived those years.

“If you want a wise advice go to Sart ake,

If you want justice, go to Sadyr ake,

If you want to request blessings and youth, go to Moit ake.”  They had a reason to speak such things among our people.

Some one asked Sart ake, “What is the greatest request on behalf of one’s people?” Wise Sart ake without a pause answered, “The most important is cooperation among the people. Second is peace. There is nothing more valuable than these two things. It defines what it means to live like humans.  It is in your capacity.”

He also said, “What should we treat with care? Happiness should be treated with care. That is why they say that happiness is round, labor is flat. Should not play games with happiness, should be careful with it, it is fragile. If a person is patient, calm and simple such can preserve the happiness.

What are the ways that lead to happiness? It is a path of hard labor, good deeds and obedience to God’s law. They say there is only one God for everyone. But your God is in your heart, and my God is in my heart.

It is easy to become unhappy. How is it possible? If you allow arrogance and pride into your heart you can become unhappy.”

“Is there something that can not be exchanged?” people asked him.

“It is mother’s affection,” he replied.

“What will help a man not to get lost from the right path?”

“A careful and accurate character. No matter what business a person starts, they should start it carefully and wisely and thoughtfully.”

In such a manner our wise men instructed and raised young people.

[1] Bolush- a governor of a volost, administrative entity of that time.
[2] Ait – a Muslim holiday.

[3] Saiyak- a Kyrgyz clan, famous for its eloquence skill.