Erkinbaeva Zuura, 80 years old, milking woman, currently a pensioner, fortune teller, Jeti- Oguz region.

23.03.2010 Time 12:00- 12: 35

Kyrgyz people paid a lot of attention to their dreams. I also have certain abilities and that is why I saw everything and knew everything about everyone. Sometimes I told fortunes. Everything I spoke would come to pass. Once, a long time ago, two young wives came from Ak- Kochkor and told me that they had lost their money and wanted me to tell them where it was.

I said, “My dear, no one has stolen your money. It is at home.  Go and search for it well.” They left and searched the house and came to me again in the evening. They said, “Ene, thank you, we found it. It is true the money was at home. You truly can see, it seems!”

Cattle get lost sometimes and the owners come to me. I would disclose everything to them. If I would tell them that their cattle would be found- it would be found; if I told that it would not – it would not.

I tell fortunes using rocks (take a little sack that lays near the head, take a rock from there, and saying tobo[1], with reverence and adoration I kiss the rock – “Aigine” annotation) I can do it anytime in the day, and everything I say comes to pass. If trouble befalls a person, then that person should not be informed. A person should not gossip; it is a very grave sin in the other world.

In our clan my grandmother was a fortune-teller. She also was a seer. She would walk down the street with her eyes closed. Then we would shout to her, “Hey, grandmother, you will fall!” and she would say, “No, I will not fall. I am led.” It runs in our clan. So it is with me. Only after my sickness did I start making mistakes. I do not tell fortunes to my relatives, unless it is very necessary. Fortune-telling should not be practiced out of boredom.

Recently a young wife came to me. She had also lost some money. I told her that she would not find it. It was stolen, and so they never found it.

My hand is light. I treat children from fear and cast spells for different infirmities. Only at night I do not see any dreams. I get up in the morning and then I go to bed again. I close my eyes and lay down and then I start seeing something, that I am not asleep. I lay down with my eyes closed. Then he comes and walks here. Recently I got sick. One baibiche[2] and four young ladies came to me. The old lady was lying down, stretched out, and then she said, “Take the oil that is in the container and let us go.” I did not say a word, I only stared at her. Then she said, “Do not be sick, you should drink at least 50 grams.” One young lady said, “She drinks little by little.” Another young lady said, “She does not drink at all.” She said again, “Come on, take the oil that is in the container. We must go.” I did not listen to her. I opened my eyes and nothing was there. Usually I see visions in the morning.

I could simply look at a person and tell what would happen to him. If someone asked me to tell them their fortune I would. But it seems that in my old age it is not possible.

A long time ago I had a dream that I went to a mosque with my four daughters and my six month old son. A man in a white robe and a white skull cap was sitting there. In front of the door were standing two black people. He orders them to recite, “La-illaha il-allah” and they recited it. Even my small son also recited it, and very clearly. I asked him, “Who are you?” He said, “I am the angel Azrael[3]” and I asked, “Who are they?” He told me they were angels of death. Even though he was small he spoke very clearly and plainly. And then again came.

Then one more time I saw the angel Azrael. I was going to cross a very narrow bridge and I was mumbling, “I will not be able to do it, I will not be able to do it.” Then I look and see the same man standing there. I ask him, “Who are you?” He answers, “I am the angel Azrael.” I tell him, “It is burning down there and I cannot walk.” On the other side of the bridge a man and a woman dressed in white are standing and they are shouting to me, “You can walk through, you do not have even the smallest of guilt or sin. It is your path” I looked down, and there the flames were burning. I looked up and I stepped forward. I took a step and saw that there was a wide road beneath me. I walked towards the other side of the bridge and those two caught me under my arms, “We told you that you can walk.” So I walked over that bridge. The angel Azrael, I saw twice. And who saw him? No one.  I see different dazzling visions. It is a good omen.

I don’t interpret because I see everything. I don’t say anything except “God, God.” I ask him for help. If I have a bad dream then like a prayer I repeat, “God, give us well-being!” I ask him for forgiveness (pressing her hands to her chest she passionately turns to God – “Aigine” annotation).

[1] Tobo – it is an expression the meaning of which is in the following: “I’m in awe of God’s power”
[2] Baibiche – respectful form of addressing an older woman

[3] Azrael – angel of death