This provisional name unites in the second section of the website the information that reflects interrelationships between humans and nature. It is about using natural resources, such as pastures, water etc., about the connection between animal and plant worlds. It is also about the knowledge of local people about their methods of economic production and exchange, shaped by the environmental conditions, such as hunting, cattle breeding and agriculture. You can also be interested in ways of surviving and possible traditional ways of protecting from or preventing natural disasters and also social crises, where the environment often plays a primary role. The traditional knowledge about the formation and origin of the world, and materials about the folk calendar and weather are also included in this section.

This page is under the construction: materials are in the process of translation into English and will be posted right after their editing. We continue the process of gathering field material for this block as well. The information on updates will be posted on the News menu of the web-site.