November 14, 2012
Aigine CRC
Working languages: Kyrgyz, Russian

The main objective of the meeting was to present the project participants’ preliminary results on the Kurultai institution’s potential in solving socio-political issues in Kyrgyzstan.
The authors of the various models of Kurultai were invited to the meeting, as well as representatives of ethnic minorities and young people.
After the presentation of the preliminary results, the participants had the opportunity to ask the researchers and each other questions.
The participants were particularly interested in the mechanisms ensuring the effectiveness of the proposed models, as well as the role and position of the various ethnic and social groups in the structures of the proposed models.
The questions that were directly related to a particular model of the Kurultai institutions were personally answered by the authors.
At the same time, the authors of the Kurultai models had the opportunity to learn about the participants’ perceptions on the proposed models.
– Abdrakhim Seyitmuratov
– Kalygul Asambekov
– Zhakshylyk Akimov
– Edilbek Sarybaev
– Chojun Omuraliev
– L.A. Hijasbekova
– B.U. Borubashev
– S.A. Mayrambekova
– Svetlana Pak
– E.A. Bajaly
– Keneshbek Aytikeev
– N.A. Karymshakov
– B.M. Torogeldieva
– Aykokul Atomaliva
– Davlet Zhaparov
– Chynara Seydakmatova
Aigine CRC:
– Gulnara Aitpaeva
– Aibek Samakov
– Meerim Sultankulova
– Ainura Turgangasieva