On October 9, 2012, the focus group within the project “Studying Kurultai’s Potential in Solving Socio-Political Issues in Kyrgyzstan” met in Karakol, implemented by Aigine CRC.
The objective of the focus group was to determine how the various layers of the population in Karakol relate to the ideas of restoring the Kurultai Institution, which has started gaining popularity again in recent years.
During the meeting, the following questions were raised regarding Kurultai:
– What do you know about the Kurultai institution?
– Is it necessary to revive the Kurultai institution in today’s world?
– Which mechanisms (operational, election of representatives, etc) must be included in the Kurultai institution to ensure its effectiveness?
– What is the difference between Kurultai and Jogorku Kengesh (the parliament)?
– To what extend can the Kurultai institution protect the rights of ethnic minorities? Etc
– Turatbek Akimzhanov
– Asel Isaeva
– Ayshan Sadyrbaeva
– Gulnara Adigineeva
– Nurgul Djushebekova
– Burulush Sulaymanova
– Justin Malorri
– Vadim Savin
– Shayyr Supataeva
– Tamara Otorbaeva
– Taalaybek uulu Mirbek
– Aibek Duyshokulov
– Tursun Sulaymanova
– Kanat Amanov
– Zhyldys Aytuganova
Working group Aigine CRC:
– Bekbosun Borubashov
– Gulnara Alybaeva
– Aibek Samakov
As a result of the focus groups, the researchers of Aigine CRC came to the conclusion that most of the participants have a positive attitude towards the institution of Kurultai and support its reintegration into modern Kyrgyzstan.
At the same time, young people and representatives of other nationalities, who also participated in the focus groups, indicated that they are aware of the initiatives to reintegrate Kurultai, but that the institution is quite small to formulate a clear position.