Place: City of Osh
Date: April 18, 2012
The objective of the meeting was to determine the attitudes and perceptions of Kurultai from various representatives of the population of Osh and surrounding areas.
All in all, the participants’ views on the role and position of Kurultai in society corresponded to the views expressed during the first meeting in Bishkek, namely:
– Kurultai is a regulating mechanism in the structure of the government, which connects the people with power and serves as a mechanism that reports the power to the people.
– Kurultai is the supreme body of the state, with decisive guidelines and strategies for foreign and domestic policy, as well as the body to which all branches of government report to.
– Kurultai is a public institution which consolidates the efforts of the civil society and civil self-help mechanisms.
In addition, some participants of the focus group expressed the following views on Kurultai:
According to their opinion, Kurultai should be:
– An elected body (shaping the public authorities)
– The body governing the economic development of the Kyrgyz Republic
The focus group was attended by:
– Tarabol Bapyshov
– Israil Adashov
– Ajanzhan Omorov
– Dair Ergeshov
– Abdisapar Zholdoshov
– Torbol Sarbalov
– Duyshonaly Asanov
– Orosgul Bektashova
– Orosayym Baimuratova
– Rahat Sakirova
– Mansura Abdulaeva
– Nuraly Baytemirov
– Yrysbay Ramasanov
– Basarli Sabarliaev
– Meylikan Emilbaeva
– Düishobay Tilekov
– Usen Bakaev
Representatives of Aigine:
– Gulnara Aitpaeva
– Chynara Seydakmatova
– Aibek Samakov