Place: Aigine CRC
Date: March 24, 2012
The objective of the meeting was to determine the attitudes and perceptions of Kurultai from various experts and supporters of this establishment as a social/political institution.
The views of Kurultai’s place and role in society can be summarized as follows:
Kurultai is a regulating mechanism in the structure of the government, which connects the people with power and serves as a mechanism that reports the power to the people.
Kurultai is the supreme body of the state, with decisive guidelines and strategies for foreign and domestic policy, as well as the body to which all branches of government report to.
Kurultai is a public institution which consolidates the efforts of the civil society and civil self-help mechanisms.
During the meeting, some very interesting ideas about the role and place of Kurultai in the modern Kyrgyz society were expressed, and prospects of reforming the power structure in Kyrgyzstan were discussed. Participants raised the issue for the need of adding articles on Kurultai to the fundamental constitutional law of the Kyrgyz Republic.
The first meeting was attended by:
– Börübashev Bekbosun Ushenbekovich
– Chynara Seydakmatova
– Gulnara Alybaeva
– Nurak Abdrakhmanov
– Amanbubu Torogeldieva
– Zhynara Tursunbaeva
– Chojun Omuraliev
– Kadyr Koshaliev
– Keneshbek Aytikeev
– Sadyr uulu Zhumagasy
– Uran Ryskulov
– Murat Musabaev
– Shayr Supataeva
– Tyntchyk Asanbaev
– Üsön Omorov
Representatives from Aigine CRC:
– Gulnara Aitpaeva
– Aibek Samakov
– Peri Kurbanova
– Aynura Turgangasieva