Protocol of the work meeting with the project coordinator and experts on Kurultai research
Date: March 12, 2012
Place: Aigine CRC office
Attended by:
Bekbosun Borubashev, Doctor of Law, Expert
Chynara Seydakmatova, Expert
Gulnara Alybaeva, Expert
Keneshbek Aytikeev
Gulnara Aitpaeva, Ph.D., director of Aigine CRC
Aibek Samakov, project coordinator

At the beginning of the meeting, Aibek Samakov presented the goals and objectives of the project, supported by the Small Grants Program of the US Embassy. The project studies Kurultai’s potential in solving socio-political issues in Kyrgyzstan.
The Experts Ch. Seydakmatova and B. Borubashev stressed the importance of the project and expressed their willingness to further cooperate within this framework.
At the meeting, the date of the first round table discussion was determined. This discussion will include representatives of various groups that support the idea of incorporating Kurultai into the political and social structure of society. The first round table discussion was planned for March 24, 2014.
Further, a preliminary list of people important to a successful and constructive round table discussion was prepared.
The preliminary list of participants for the round table discussion:
– Mr. Abdrakhmanov
– Mr. Sarygulov
– Mr. Omuraliev
– Mr. Kosakov
– Mr. Koshaliev
– Mr. Medetbekov
– Mr. Juldashev
– Mr. Kadyrov
– Mr. Musabaev
– Mr. Myrsaev
– Mr. Sadyr uulu Zhumagasy
– Mr. Aytikeev
– Mr. Ryskulov