Aitpaeva Gulnara – director

Functions: developing strategy; fundraising; developing a network of organizations with related missions; managing current projects, and working with staff and external consultants to fulfill the mission of the Center; data analysis. E-mail:

Alisherova Erkaiym – administrator

Functions: administering current projects, preparing field trips, preparing drafts of the administrative reports. E-mail:

Abdyrahmanova Aiza– project coordinator

Functions: coordinating regional projects; assistance in developing and conducting seminars, conferences, training courses, and workshops; participation in field researches; translation of documents.  E-mail:

Anjelika Klevanets – accountant

Functions: accounting salary and taxes, dealing with current financial issues, preparing annual report for the appropriate organizations. E-mail:

Guljan Kudаbaeva –expert

Functions: coordinating mini-projects; translations,  projects design. E-mail:

Cholponai Usubalieva-Grishuk – head of projects unit

Functions: coordinating regional projects; developing and conducting seminars, conferences, training courses, and workshops; doing fundraising; implementing field research; translation of documents.  E-mail:

Aibek Samakov –  expert

Functions: coordination of projects; fundraising; assistance in the development of planned events (workshops, seminars and conferences, publications); translation of the relevant documents. E-mail: