🏆 Award Ceremony: Today, in the grand hall of the K. Moldobasanov Conservatory, the “Master Arirang” award ceremony took place, honoring Namazbek Uraliev and Asel Kalkanova. This prestigious award is presented by the International Advisory Board “Masters of Culture” from South Korea, which supports new cultural initiatives, promotes sustainable cultural development, and fosters a new generation of cultural leaders. The ceremony began with an opening speech by Akylbek Kasaboltov, the head of the Traditional Music and Folk Instruments Department, expressing pride in collaborating with the outstanding komuz virtuoso Namazbek Uraliev. Aijarkyn Kozhobekova, an expert from Kyrgyzstan and a member of the International Advisory Board, elaborated on the significance of the program. During the event, Namazbek Uraliev performed the enchanting melody “Kambarkan” for the audience. Additionally, Asel Kalkanova captivated the audience with a fascinating display of her remarkable creations. We wholeheartedly congratulate Namazbek Uraliev and Asel Kalkanova on their well-deserved recognition as recipients of the prestigious title “Master Arirang”!

📺 Morning Broadcast: Today, April 12, the initiative group of the project “Bringing the Sound of Koñur Un to the Kyrgyz Orchestra” – musicians Cholpon Turumbayeva, Rysbek Zhunusov, Zalina Kasymova, and master of traditional musical instrument making, Marat Berikbayev, visited the morning broadcast of Zamana KTRK. The musicians discussed the project’s goals and the process of researching the authentic sound of koñur on the komuz kyl kyyak, as well as the process of teaching young musicians on reconstructed kyl kyyaks and komuzes.

⛰️ Working Trip: On April 7, 2024, the Aigine CRC working group, together with experts on traditional knowledge, traveled to Almaty and met with the unique artist Sanzhar Zhubanov, who creates modern petroglyphs. During the meeting, Master Sanzhar shared his personal story of how he acquired the ability for this type of art. Today, Sanzhar Zhubanov is the only master of petroglyphs in Central Asia, continuing the ancient art and creating drawings on stones with his own hands.