🧵 Week of Master Classes: Tomorrow, April 6, will mark the final day of the master class week for the residents of the crisis center “Sezim.” Throughout the week, they’ve been studying felting techniques, delving into the meanings of various embroideries, and creating products with their own hands. Additionally, there have been meetings with guests who shared their stories of overcoming family violence and offered practical advice. Visiting various workshops, where participants could interact with craftsmen and witness firsthand the creations possible by their own hands, sparked particular interest. Over the course of this week, participants have acquired a new skill, heard the stories of others, which helped them realize they are not alone in their problems, and bonded with each other. Some of the participants plan to continue working in the field of traditional crafts. The Week of Master Classes was initiated by the Aigine CRC team. The main expert of the master class became the partner of Aigine CRC, the artist-designer Gulmira Kutueva.

⛰️ Completion of work on the digital map of Murdash Bashy: Within the project “Preservation of Murdash Bashy Petroglyphs and Related Traditional Knowledge through Mapping and Digitalization,” the stage of adding stones to the digital map of Murdash Bashy historical and cultural complex has been completed. The map now includes 120 stones with drawings of various subjects: ungulates, symbols, predators, primates, as well as drawings with complex plots. The next stage of the project will be the preparation of a motion video based on the stone drawings of Murdash Bashy, which was developed by the working group of traditional practitioners.

🎥 Short Film: The production process of the short film “Yrym” has been completed. The director of the film is Guzel Duishenkulova. An important aspect of the film is the exploration of the role of traditions in community life and their influence on the formation of family relationships. The film showcases one of the specific traditions existing in some regions of the country, highlighting the mechanisms of psychological violence and its consequences for the victims. The filming took place on the northern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul.