Master Class: This week the Aigine CRC team conducted preparatory activities for the upcoming week of master classes for the residents of the crisis center “Sezim”. The main expert of the master class will be Aigine’s partner, artist-designer Gulmira Kutueva. Participants of the master class will master skills of working with wool, felt and embroidery patterns. The program also includes visits to workshops where participants will be able to observe the process of creating specific products. An important part of the event will be a session with women, heroines of Asyl Zhan program, who survived violence and managed to overcome all the difficulties. During the workshops, participants will not only improve their skills, but will also have the opportunity to meditate and perhaps find answers to their most difficult questions.

Work on the digital map of Murdash Bashy: This week, within the framework of the project “Safeguarding Murdash petroglyphs and related traditional knowledge through mapping and digitalization”, the preparatory stage of creating an archaeological note of the Murdash Bashy complex was completed. The document includes more than 100 stones with drawings. The archaeological note will be part of a digital map of the Murdash Bashy complex, containing traditional interpretation and archaeological description of the site. In addition, a working group of traditional practitioners of the project has created a story based on the drawings on the stones of Murdash Bashy, which will be realized in the form of a motion video. The video is at the stage of script verification.

Preparing for the first public performance: The working group of the project “Bringing konur үn into the sound of the Kyrgyz orchestra”, musicians Cholpon Turumbaeva, Rysbek Zhunushov, Zalina Kasymova continue the process of training young musicians on reconstructed kyl kiyaks and komuzes. A group of young musicians training on reconstructed musical instruments is preparing for the first public review, which will be held in early April. At the review, the intermediate results of the training process will be determined. The final goal of training a group of musicians to play reconstructed komuz and kyl kiyaks is to introduce them with reconstructed instruments into the orchestra of the B. Beishenalieva University of Culture and Arts and hold a concert.