“Weak offends, strong protects”: this week, filming began on a video called “Alsyz kordoit, kuchtү korgoit” (weak offends, strong protects). The core of the script comes from the winner of a competition announced last December, Shaakan Toktogul. The filming involves players of the traditional equestrian game kok-borү, which is very popular both in the capital and in the regions of the country. Project coordinator Meerim Aitkeeva is in charge of organizing the filming.

Traditional interpretation of Murdash Bashy petroglyphs: On February 8, within the framework of the project “Preservation of Murdash Bashy petroglyphs and related traditional knowledge through mapping and digitalization”, project coordinator Aiza Abdyrakhmanova held a working meeting with practitioners on the interpretation of drawings on the stones of the Murdash Bashy complex. Traditional interpretations of Murdash Bashy stones are planned to be included along with the archaeological description of petroglyphs in the online map of the complex.

Training on research methods: On January 8, Aybek Samakov, Chief Specialist of the partner project of Aiginet CRC and Suuchular Initiative Group, gave a presentation on field research methods to researchers in Naryn and Batken oblasts. The aim of the project research is to use in-depth interview and survey methods to monitor climate change in the mentioned areas based on local indicators and to determine how these changes affect the elements of intangible cultural heritage in these regions. The research team will start its work from next week. The presentation was organized by the project coordinator Cholponai Usubalieva-Grishchuk.

Within the framework of the radio cycle “Asyl zhan”, conducted by Aigine CRC together with the Community Media, the broadcast “How to come out after violence. Personal experience”. Munduz Aibekovna, ethnopsychologist and transformational coach, shared her experience of family violence.