📑 Working meeting on Digital Journey into the world of intangible cultural heritage of Kyrgyzstan”: in the framework of the project “Digital Journey into the world of intangible cultural heritage of Kyrgyzstan” on January 22, a meeting was held to review the collected information on the inventory of elements of intangible cultural heritage (ICH) of the Dungan people living in the territory of Kyrgyzstan. The meeting was attended by bearers representing different domains of ICH, who shared additional information on a number of directions in the presented material, as well as expressed their opinions on the structuring of data. Based on the collected material, the list of ICH of the Dungan people consists of nine domains, each of which represents a number of elements with detailed descriptions. The main expert of the working group is John Ali Alievich, ethnographer, PhD in History, research associate of the Center of Dungan Studies and Chinese Studies of the Institute of History and Cultural Heritage of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic.

🎼 Konur үn: On January 23, a working meeting was held at the Aiginė CRC office as part of the project “Bringing konur үn to the sound of the Kyrgyz orchestra”. The project’s initiative group, musicians Cholpon Turumbaeva, Rysbek Junushov and traditional musical instrument maker Marat Berikbaev discussed the process of changing the structure of the kyl kiyak, which will be able to easily produce konur үn. After the production of kyl kiyaks, the project’s working group will begin the process of training young musicians to play the reconstructed kyl kiyaks. The process of teaching komuzes has already begun.

👩🏻‍💻 Online meeting: On 24 January, the team of the Aigine Cultural Research Centre held an online meeting with the founder of the organization “Ұлы Tagzym” (“Great Worship”), Baktiyar Saparbekovich Kozhakhmetov and its representative Balgyn Salykova. “Ұлы Tagzym” is located in Zhezkazgan and is the only organization in Kazakhstan accredited to UNESCO Convention 2003. The purpose of the meeting was to get to know each other and to consider the possibility of working on joint projects to preserve and promote intangible cultural heritage.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Program Asyl Zhan: this week there were 2 programs on the topics – actor, TV presenter Nurdөlөlөt Kopoev: Appeal to human values, akyn, honored worker of culture of the Kyrgyz Republic Atakhan Kozhogulov: Let’s respect women. The call of the akyn.