🎬 Preparation for filming a video against gender-based violence: this week the Aigine CRC team held a series of meetings with Choro Nurseitov, cameraman, teacher of B. Beishenalieva KSUKI, and Temirlan Zhumabekov, director of photography, to prepare for the filming of a video against gender-based violence. The competition for the best video script was announced at the end of 2023, and two winners were selected. The script of the first video belongs to freelance journalist Shaakan Toktogul.

📑 Working meetings: Aibek Samakov, Chief Expert of the partnership project of the initiative group “Suuchular” and Aigine CRC “ICH and Local Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change”, started forming a research team in Naryn and Batken oblasts. The team will conduct field research among their communities on the impact of climate change on intangible cultural heritage and the search for adaptation practices based on traditional ecological knowledge. The partnership project of the initiative group “Suuchular” and Aigine CRC is supported by the Pawanka Foundation.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Program Asyl Zhan: this week there were 2 programs on the topics – Erkin Ryskulbekov, TV presenter: Independent opinion on gender violence, Mirhamid Toktogul, TV presenter: Ancient values. Current reality.