Konur үn: On December 27, a working meeting was held at the Aiginė CRC office as part of the new project “Bringing konur үn to the sound of the Kyrgyz orchestra”. The initiative group of the project, musicians Cholpon Turumbaeva, Rysbek Junushov and the master of traditional musical instruments Marat Berikbaev discussed further practical tasks and planned activities of the project. Rysbek Zhunushov, the project master on comuz making, finalized the process of comuz making. Based on the general analysis, the master Marat Berikbaev will make changes in the structure of the kyl kyyakk. The manufactured instruments should easily produce a konur үn. Next, the project’s working group will begin the stage of training young musicians to play the reconstructed musical instruments.

Presentation: On December 22 and 23, the presentation of the first traditional Kyrgyz dreambook (fortune cards) and two animated videos, performed in the “motion” style, reflecting the legends of the Creation of the Earth and horned animals – kaiberens, took place at the Aigine CRC. The stories are based on images, symbols and meanings of petroglyphs explored in Ak-Bulun, Ala-Bash, Ornok, Murdash-Bash, Tergen-Tash and Saimaluu-Tash, interpreted by traditional practitioners and experts in the field of intangible cultural heritage. In addition, the first documentary film on Kyrgyz traditional headdresses using bird feathers was screened. The film reveals their symbolic, cultural and social significance. The presentation was accompanied by playing the komuz, singing songs, reading poems and a conceptual discussion of the content of the films and the dreamcatcher. The event concluded with a communal ritual of tilek and bata.

Program Asyl Zhan: this week there were 2 programs on topics – Writer, ethnopedagogue Aman Karmyshakov, psychologist Baktygul Beysheeva: How do parents prepare their children for family life? Journalist Sanzhi Tuytunova: Expectations and misunderstandings between men and women?