Lecture: Philosophy of the Unified Area (Философия единого поля)

Date and time: April 17, 2008
Venue: Aigine CRC office, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Language: Russian
Lecture by: Demir Kadyrov, Director of Science Center

The foundations of life philosophy that belong to any nation contain the following three main components: Spirituality, Science & Ethics. This lecture emphasized the integrity and correlation of the aforementioned three philosophical origins in the understanding of nomadic Turks. The author claims that the philosophy of people that practice the nomadic mode of life is a unified, spiritual-cosmological concept. He claims that the philosophy of nomads is the most sustainable, and not subject to changes over time and influences from other cultures. The author analyses the spiritual, scientific and ethnic potential of “tengrianity”. The concept ‘Philosophy of a Unified Area’ is based on the theory of Unified Areas by the Kyrgyz physicist, Samat Kadyrov. It is based on his perspective on the physical structure and substance of the world.