🪨 Preservation of Murdash petroglyphs: The Aigine CRC team continues to work on the creation of a digital map of the Murdash Bashy historical and cultural complex in Osh oblast. Within the framework of this project, a field trip was made on the basis of which a digital map was created. At the moment about 250 stones of the complex have been mapped. The description of each stone will include an archaeological note and traditional interpretation of the stone drawings.

📚 Within the framework of the project “Digital Journey into the World of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Kyrgyzstan” a working meeting was held on November 17, during which the project team, working group and monitoring group held a joint meeting. All data and lists of ICH elements collected by the working group members for each section of cultural heritage were presented to the monitoring team. The participants of the meeting expressed their opinions and pointed out the identified shortcomings in the collected information. After making updates to the data, the lists will be approved and digitized.

🌳 Conservation of natural and cultural heritage: On November 18th, 2023, the Aigine CRC team together with traditional practitioners made a field trip to the sacral site Archa Mazar and planted seven local juniper trees. A few months ago, a nearly century-old juniper tree was destroyed and burned at this sacred site.