🙋🏻‍♀️ Contest of dissent against gender-based violence: Aigine CRC announces a contest to create a script for short films against violence against women. The main requirement is that the script should incorporate views and concepts that are widely shared among Kyrgyz and other local ethnic groups and suggest ways to address the problem. The script should form the basis of a 2-3 minute movie. The script may be presented in local languages convenient for the authors. The contest period is November 10 – December 10. From the submitted scripts 2 will be selected and based on them movies will be made with the participation of the authors. The fee for the selected script is 20,000 soms and valuable books. Proposals should be sent to office@aigine.kg by December 10, 2023.

🌒 Publication on Kyrgyz traditional dream interpretation: A publication on Kyrgyz traditional dream interpretation is being prepared by the Aigine CRC team. In addition to the cards with the interpretation of dreams, the publication will contain several other elements – incense, music, etc. The publication will be launched in the fall of 2023.

🎶 The process of making musical instruments under the “konur үn” project: Masters and experts of the project “Bringing konur үn to the sound of the Kyrgyz orchestra” Rysbek Zhunushov and Marat Berikbaev are in the process of making komuzes and kyl kyyaks, which preserve the original Kyrgyz sound of “konur”. The project will produce 12 musical instruments: 6 komuzes and 6 kyl kyyaks. The next stage of the project is to form an ensemble and train musicians to play these instruments.