🌳 Activities on restoration and protection of Archa Mazar: Within the framework of legalization of activities on restoration and protection of the sacral site Archa Mazar, located in Ton district of Ysy-Kul province, the initiative group prepared a letter of appeal to Akim of Ton district with a request for permission to carry out the necessary restoration and protection works of Mazar.
🏔️ Climate Change in Kyrgyzstan: Common Observations and Challenges for Sustainable Cultural Heritage: On October 18, at a meeting of cultural heritage experts in Isfahan, Iran, representatives of the Aiguine CRC team gave a remote presentation on the impact of climate change on cultural heritage and special challenges. The meeting was organized in cooperation with ICHCAP, a UNESCO category 2 center based in South Korea. The report was based on the results of a small-scale study on rice and tobacco cultivation in Batken province. Field research was conducted by Abdyrazak Matisakov, a Batken resident and long-time partner of the Aiguine GRC.
📚 Work on the national list of ICH: Working groups of the project “Digital Journey into the World of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Kyrgyzstan” continue the formation and editing of the national list of ICH elements of Kyrgyzstan. The work on the formation and editing of the national list of ICH of another of the domains – sacred sites and pilgrimage practices and rituals – has been completed. The work on forming and editing the list of this element is headed by the project expert Gulnara Aitpaeva. The next step: analysis of this list by the project monitoring team.