Research on “konur үn”: The Aigine CRC team together with the initiative group “Konur үn” launched the project “Bringing konur үn to the sound of Kyrgyz orchestra”. Rysbek Zhunushov and Marat Berikbaev, masters and experts of the project, began making komuzes and kyl kyyaks that preserve the original Kyrgyz sound of “konur”. The project’s initiator, orchestralist Cholpon Turumbaeva, is also conducting research on “konur үn”.

Working meetings: On October 11, 2023, a meeting was held at the  Aigine CRC office  with residents of Kalkagar village (Ton district), who had started building a yurt near the burned Archa Mazar. During the meeting it was revealed that the construction was taking place in parts and was suspended due to lack of time and funds. It was proposed to provide a plan for fencing the mazar from their side in order to determine further actions to preserve the sacred place. Earlier, a visit to the sacred site was made by the Aigine CRC team to determine the extent of damage to the tree and to consider further steps to expose and protect the site