Today, on October 10, a working meeting was held between Aigine CRC staff and a longtime partner, director of the World Indigenous Science Network (WISN) Dr. Apela Colorado, as well as a Network sound engineer, Matthew Tucker.

Dr. Apela Colorado shared her impressions of a series of meetings with local partners. The meeting also discussed the results of joint projects and possible ways for further cooperation between Aigine and WISN. In particular, Apela presented her book “Woman between the Worlds”. We discussed the possibilities of its translation. Archia acoustics (the study of places through their sounds) of places for a deeper and more versatile knowledge of the intangible cultural heritage has become an exciting topic of conversation, as well as the visualization of scenes on the petroglyphs of Kyrgyzstan using animation and motion design.

All projects carried out by the Aigine CRC in cooperation with WISN are aimed at decolonizing the thinking of all their participants.