On October 29, the Aigine CRC team took part in an online meeting of ICH NGO Forum’s Working Group. The meeting participants shared their experiences and presentations on what are the roles and realities of NGOs in the society. During the presentations, the participants of the working group answered the following questions: How do NGOs participate in safeguarding work of ICH with the communities? What are the challanges of the NGOs everyday life? What can the communities benefit from the work of NGOs. Why don’t more NGOs get accredited from your area?
Idea of the presentations is to understrand examples from different parts of the world. How do areas differ from each other.
Representatives of NGOs from Iran, Finland, Nigeria, Kenya, Belgium, Romania, Poland and Kyrgyzstan took part in today’s meeting.
Kyrgyzstan was represented today by Kuluipa Akmatova, head of the Rural Development Fund. Kuluipa Akmatova, being in the hospital due to illness, told the participants of the working group about the activities of the Rural Development Fund, answering the thematic questions of this meeting.
Also during the online work, the issues of organizing meetings within the framework of the 16th meeting of the intergovernmental committee, which will be held on December 2021 were discussed.