On August 9-10, the Aigine CRC team carried out field research with the aim of documenting petroglyphs in two gorges of Sary Zhaz valley: Kul and Enilchek.

In the first valley, two galleries or clusters of petroglyph drawings and many single stones with drawings were found. However, all petroglyphs here have been destroyed under the influence of time and natural factors. Modern man follows the culture of ancient people and leaves his traces on the largest and most suitable for creativity stones. However, unlike the ancients, contemporaries certainly want to capture only their name and other individual data. These modern layers of information are applied on top of ancient drawings and render the already destroyed pictures invisible.

Several single stones with petroglyphs were found in Enilchek area. One of them depicts mountain goats in the “Kyrgyz style” and the plot of their parenting.