On April 20, 2021, a meeting of traditional practitioners with one of the country’s main archaeologists, Kubat Tabaldiev, took place at Aigine CRC office within the framework of the “Secret Power of Petroglyphs” project. The main objective of the meeting was a detailed discussion of the petroglyphs of Ak-Bulun village of Ak-Suu district of the Issyk-Kul region, where the project team of the Aigine CRC conducted their first field trip.

Traditional practitioners shared their impressions, thoughts, sensations and received ayans on the Ak-Bulun petroglyphs, and all photos, audio and video materials from the trip were viewed. Archaeologist Kubat Tabaldiev was pleasantly surprised by the discovery of a new place of petroglyphs, which was hitherto unknown to the scientific and academic community of Kyrgyzstan. As it turned out, the petroglyphs of Ak-Bulun are still unknown to science and are not registered with the state records of the country. According to the archaeologist, some of the images on the rock carvings of Ak-Bulun, captured by the Aigine CRC team, are unique in nature and have no analogues, and in terms of age most likely date back to the Bronze Age.

The words of traditional practitioners that rock paintings carry hidden meanings, and these places are ritual, found scientific justification: according to Kubat Tabaldiev, the overwhelming majority of scientists in the world come to the conclusion that images on rock paintings have a ritual character, and places the clusters of the drawings themselves are ritual in nature and purpose. In order to better understand the nature and meanings of petroglyphs, Aigine CRC team will work to combine scientific and traditional approaches to understanding and studying rock paintings.

In order to further and more detailed study of the rock paintings of Ak-Bulun, Aigine CRC team plans the next field trip with the participation of Kubat Tabaldiev at the end of April 2021.