The team of the project “Integration of traditional practices and scientific methods, strengthening the potential of local specialists and raising awareness of residents for the preservation of biodiversity and ecology (Kulun-Ata reserve, Kunduk village, Osh region)” is completing preparations for the publication of a book about the Alai Kuu valley and methods of people’s ecology.

The book was created on the basis of field materials that were collected by local residents of Alai-Kuu-rangers of Kulun-Ata nature reserve and the director of the secondary school of Konduk village. Data collection was carried out in consultation with the project experts. The material was verified by the main expert of the project, Samakov Aibek, after which the data was analyzed, transcribed and structured. As additional material, the book describes examples of people’s ecology from other countries and cultures.

At the moment, the book is at the stage of proofreading and editing by local residents.