Project Coordinator of Aigine CRC Cholponai U.G., as well as a specialist of the public fund “Archa”; Kunduz Adylbek performed live on the radio of the Communities Media Studio.

The interview was conducted within the framework of the project “Integration of traditional practices and scientific methods, strengthening the capacity of local specialists and raising awareness among residents for the conservation of biodiversity and ecology (Kulun-Ata reserve, Konduk village, Osh region)”.

It was noted that the local people living around the reserve are using traditional methods to protect the environment and raise the level of education, to educate and solve today’s environmental problems. It was also noted that the project provided the reserve with special technical equipment and the opportunity to study the biodiversity of the Kulun-Ata reserve. At the same time, it was noted that the tradition of the Kyrgyz to make the pilgrimage to the sacred sites allowed local residents to form a respectful attitude to nature and is the first traditional method of nature protection.

During the meeting, issues of nature and ecology of Kyrgyzstan were also discussed today.