The team of experts of the Aigine CRC prepared for publication a brochure “Communities that preserve nature: global challenges and the experience of Kunduk village”. Published in September 2020, the brochure contains the following topics: basic concepts of biodiversity and ecosystems, climate change, sustainable development and household waste issues, composting. The brochure includes global trends and experience of Kyrgyzstan. Intended for rural communities and published within the framework of the project “Integration of traditional practices and scientific methods, strengthening the capacity of local specialists and raising awareness of residents for the conservation of biodiversity and ecology (Kulun-Ata reserve, Konduk village, Osh province)” supported by the GEF.

The brochure will be used during trainings on biodiversity, sustainable development, climate change and human impact on the environment, as well as composting. Rural schoolchildren, residents of the Konduk village and workers of the Kulun-Ata reserve will participate in the trainings.