On October 17 at the Center for Dungan Studies and Sinology of the Institute of History, Archeology and Ethnology named after B. Dzhamgerchinova Dzhamilya Musarova made a report about the project “Mobilizing academic communities in Central Asia to produce new knowledge about the 1916 Uprising, and to build shared academic platforms for exchanging and disseminating knowledge about ethnically or/and politically sensitive topics”. “An unwritten taboo has been imposed on this topic over the past few decades, but thanks to the organizers of this project, this bleeding topic has attracted the attention of not only historians and sociologists of the Central Asian region, but also world scientific thought.” Such joint work, according to Dzhamilya, is aimed at revealing the true picture of the events, “in order to make it impossible for anyone who to speculate on this tragedy.” Head of the Center Corresponding Member NAS KR Professor M.Kh. Imazov, candidate of historical sciences A.John and candidate of philological sciences M.Dzhumaza emphasized the importance of studying this tragic page in the history of the Kyrgyz people, with whom the Dungans shared a common fate.