Lake Ai-Kol lies in the embrace of high mountains, 1,700 meters above the sea level, in the Golbo village of Leilek region in Batken province. From the dim and distant past, local people call it sacred Ai-Kol. To reach the lake, pilgrims pass through Golbo village and the left side of the Too-Jailoo pasture. Before Ai‑Kol there are such lakes as Gadandyk-Kol, Sut-Kol and Jashyl-Kol. Ai-Kol is the farthest of them; one can reach it only on horse and should take food sufficient for a week.

The beauty of the lake and its surrounding is revealed even if one looks at it from distant mountain top. According to a village resident, Marzia Abdieva, once upon a time there lived a king in this region, who had an only daughter. She was in love with a young man, but one day the king arranged engagement of his daughter to a different man. The girl disobeyed her father’s will and ran away from home to the mountains of Altyn-Beshik. She stayed there and mourned for a while that she could not be with her beloved, and then vanished into the world of kaiyp. The surface of the lake stays calm, but the bottom of the lake rages and the water goes underground and mixes with the waters of the Sarkent Mountain. People say that the lake was created from the girl’s tears. Her name was Aidan and the lake was named after her. Before it was called Aidan-Kol (Aidan’s lake), but later it was shortened to Ai-Kol. It is believed that the water of that lake cures certain diseases like scabies, eye inflammation and etc. However, the lake is quite far from the village and not every pilgrim can reach it.